Anger Management


Providing In-Person Anger Management Counselling in Vancouver and Virtually Across BC

Anger Management Counselling

Have you found that losing your temper has strained your relationships with loved ones and colleagues? Does anger tend to be your default response when feeling overwhelmed or misunderstood? Do you frequently wonder why staying patient and composed feels so challenging, especially in moments of frustration? Anger has a way of amplifying our negative tendencies, often resulting in decisions we later regret and causing harm to those closest to us.

"Why do I Feel so Angry all the Time?"​

How does Anger Management Therapy work?

  • We provide a clear and evidence-based approach to comprehend and control your angry responses.
  • We delve deep into your trigger points and defenses, uncovering the root causes.
  • You’ll acquire practical skills and tools for self-regulation in real-time situations.
  • Our approach is highly personalized, with ongoing adjustments to suit your unique needs.
  • Between sessions, you’ll receive actionable tasks to accelerate your progress.

Our therapists offer anger management therapy on a pay-per-session basis. This offers our clients the flexibility to pause at any time. For optimal results, we recommend a minimum of 8 sessions to notice significant changes.

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