Boundaries & People Pleasing

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Providing In-Person Therapy for Boundary Setting in Vancouver and Virtually Across BC

Counselling for Boundaries & People Pleasing

Have you been called “too nice” or “self-less”? Are you are the strong one who holds everyone together. Like a superhero, you swoop in and “save” everyone around you. While your the first to offer help, you’re the last to ask for it. 

We can help you learn how to identify and prioritize your needs all the while setting healthy boundaries with others to ensure you are taking care of you.

Navigating Boundaries & Limiting People Pleasing Tendencies

Navigating boundaries in personal and professional realms can feel like walking a tightrope. Saying ‘no’ or setting limits with others can stir up a mix of emotions—unease, apprehension, even fear. Deep-seated beliefs may suggest that prioritizing others’ happiness is the key to our own acceptance and likability. Yet, constantly putting others’ needs before our own can leave us feeling drained, resentful, and exhausted.

However, there’s a glimmer of hope amidst this challenge. Contrary to popular belief, setting boundaries can breathe new life into relationships, signaling self-respect and fostering mutual understanding. Therapy offers a safe space to explore the roots of communication challenges and provides tools to set boundaries confidently. With tailored guidance, you’ll emerge ready to assert your needs and nurture healthier connections.

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