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Anxiety and Depression: The Effects on Your Daily Life

Depression and anxiety are mental health issues that can significantly impact every part of a person's life.

If neglected, anxiety and depression can lead to serious problems, including substance abuse, relationship problems, and even suicide.

Dealing with depression and anxiety is difficult. They are serious mental diseases that may affect practically every sphere of your life, personally and professionally.

Although anxiety and depression have different symptoms, both conditions may lower the quality of life. This is why it is best to find anxiety counselling and depression counselling in Vancouver.

Here are the effects of sorrow and worry to demonstrate how they may further influence people.

Feeling A Lot of Remorse

Depression and anxiety are equal when it comes to placing blame. Both of them enjoy amplifying their feelings of shame to the utmost level.

If you are in one of these circumstances, you could feel bad about little things. For instance, if you have depression, you can feel terrible about not playing with your cat enough and feel like you've let her down.

Or, if you have anxiety, you could fear that you won't get to spend time with your friends because you worry so much about social situations.

Maintaining Contact With Loved Ones Could Be Difficult

For those with anxiety and depression, maintaining connections with friends and family can be challenging, but for different reasons.

If you suffer from social anxiety, it may be difficult for you to interact with others. When you feel this anxiety, you can worry about what other people will think of you. You might have to stay home and avoid social events.

If you go out, you'll be trying to mentally prepare the entire conversation, which might cause you to miss out on important context clues.

Naturally, this makes it difficult to make new acquaintances or start a new relationship.

Depression is much different. You won't likely be concerned with the responses of others; rather, you won't have the drive or energy to leave the house. Because you worry that you'll disappoint people or feel like a failure, you might desire to cut yourself off from the outside world.

You Could Have A Poor Performance At Work or in Class

Having trouble focusing is a common symptom of both melancholy and anxiety. When you feel anxious, your mind is probably going through every possibility that may occur in a certain situation.

For instance, you could find it challenging to concentrate on everyday tasks because you are preoccupied with many different concerns.

When someone is sad, these problems mostly concern motivation and decision-making. Concentration may be hampered by feelings of being overtired and lacking motivation.

In either case, your performance at work or school may suffer. You'll undoubtedly find it difficult to get everything done on your to-do list at work or to study for a big test at school.

It's possible to have anxiety when it comes time to speak in front of others. This could lead to negative performance reviews or failing grades.

You Can Get More Prone to Illness

You may feel like you constantly have a cold because worry and sadness interfere with your immune system. Either of these illnesses may cause a spike in cortisol levels in the body. This stress hormone makes your brain more energy-efficient and aids in tissue regeneration.

Excessive cortisol can weaken your immune system, making it more challenging for you to protect yourself against viruses and bacteria. This immune system deterioration grows worse the more stressed you are.

For instance, if you're worried about a loved one who is in the hospital, you'll probably be more prone to get sick yourself.

Because of how you feel, you might need to take more time off work or postpone plans with friends if your immune system is compromised.


If you read through all these scenarios and thought, "That sounds just like me," you can change that. Pain doesn't have to last forever. When you speak with a professional and start depression and anxiety counselling in Vancouver, your symptoms may progressively alleviate until you feel like yourself again.

West End Counselling Centre provides counseling for anxiety, relationships, depression, self-esteem, trauma, family, and other issues and is available in person and online. Weekend and evening hours are available at our Vancouver clinic. Call to schedule a free consultation on depression and anxiety counselling in Vancouver!

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