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Couples Counselling, Is it Worth it?

Updated: Jan 25

Written by Stephanie Beck, CCC. Stephanie is a Vancouver-based relationship counsellor who provides in-person and online counselling services.

Why couples therapy is worth it

It is no surprise counselling is mentioned anytime a relationship expresses challenges, conflict, or a stressful situation. Why is this the norm? Because often, people aren’t sure how to manage conflict and have healthy communication that is effective and beneficial for both partners.

However, every couple can benefit from therapy. While many use it once there are problems arising, it isn’t just for relationships during rocky times. One might think if they want, or need, counselling that there is something broken within themselves or in their relationship. This isn’t true. Every individual and couple will gain from couples therapy.

It is more than improving effective communication and working through conflicts. Although, yes, counselling helps those, there is much more for everyone to benefit.

Benefits of couples therapy

Diving deeper together, learning lifelong skills, and adding tools to your healthy relationship toolbox are all incredibly vital to maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner. Couples counselling focuses on the relationship between two people and provides a safe space for couples to talk. A place for them to have deep conversations, express themselves fully, and be seen and heard by their partner. The environment is the start of learning how to open up without feeling judged or criticized.

Remember, even the healthiest relationships will benefit from therapy by practicing healthy communication, bonding, growing their connection, and working on their lifelong goals together.

Counselling gives clients the too

ls to solve problems and improve their mental health. Improving themselves as individuals and as a partnership. Everyone will benefit from learning new ways to communicate, compromise, and promote a healthy relationship environment.

Relationship counselling is beneficial for anyone in any type of relationship, whether it’s romantic or familial. Even if you don’t think your relationship needs help, it may still be beneficial to go in just for a check-up.

What is the Gottman Method and is it worth it?

There are many types of counselling. Gottman Method is a popular choice for excellent reasons. Gottman Method Counselling focuses on understanding each other better and improving their relationship. It works at:

  • Removing barriers

  • Promoting intimacy, bond, connection, and respect

  • Understanding each other and having empathy for each other

  • Reduces conflict

  • Improved communication

Gottman Method will walk you through the assessment of your relationship to understand the patterns in your relationship rather than looking at individual behaviours. It focuses on helping you learn how

to change your own behaviours.

If you are looking to improve your relationship, understand your partner better, increase your intimacy, and learn important tools to keep your relationship in a healthy place–counselling is for you and your relationship.

It is worth it. Invest in yourself. And in your partner. Your lives will thank you for creating a fun, healthy, and increased bond. Reduce your stress and enjoy more moments with your partner.

What are your next steps?

If you and your partner are looking to strengthen and grow together, couples counselling will be just what you want! Gain knowledge and tools to improve your lives, for more information on how to start your couples counselling journey check out our relationship counselling service page. To request more information or book in for a free 15-minute consultation with a couples counsellor visit our Contact us page.

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