Loss & Grief

Counselling for Loss & Grief in Vancouver

After losing a loved one, there is often a period of grief, mourning or bereavement. These feelings are an entirely normal response to loss. Together with your counsellor, they will help you navigate what may seem like one of the most challenging times in your life.

Holding the hands of an older loved one who is passing away, dealing with loss and grief

What is Grief?

Types of Grief

Instrumental Grieving → focuses primarily on cognitive or problem-solving tasks. Instrumental grievers may show less outward emotions and process grief through action.

Intuitive Grieving → expresses grief through affective reactions. Intuitive grievers may experience a heightened period of emotional feeling and expression.

Stages of Grief

Complicated Grief

Signs & Symptoms of Complicated Grief

Let's Talk

Through counselling, individuals can explore various topics, including grief reactions and coping mechanisms for complicated grief symptoms. Counsellors can help individuals process the loss, readjust their routines and redefine their life goals after losing a loved one. Counselling can be instrumental in the healing process for individuals experiencing grief.