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Self-Esteem Counselling in Vancouver

Self-esteem is an integral feature of emotional health and well-being. When we have positive feelings about ourselves, we exude confidence and see ourselves as valuable. In most cases, others view and treat us in the same respect. However, when we have negative feelings about ourselves, we can be critical, contemptuous, and pessimistic. This behaviour can cause others to take this attitude toward us. Whether positive or negative, these thoughts contribute to our self-image and build our self-esteem.

What is Self-Esteem Counselling?

Self-esteem counselling focuses on helping individuals identify and build on their strengths, learn to trust themselves and develop healthy coping strategies. The goal of self-esteem counselling is to help individuals gain confidence and self-respect.

Types of Therapies for Self-Esteem

While self-esteem-focused approaches may be included with most types of mental health treatment, they are particularly suited to those outlined above.

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