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About Blue Sky Counselling

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Blue Sky Counselling + Wellness Clinic is a boutique counselling practice, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, that offers clinical counselling both in-person and virtually. Our therapists integrate a variety of traditional psychotherapeutic modalities — psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural, narrative and others — with mindfulness-based practices and somatic (body-based) therapies. We pride ourselves in creating an environment inviting to people of all genders, orientations, religions, backgrounds, cultures, and sub-cultures.
What We Aim For

We Walk Alongside You As You Navigate Through Life's Uncertainties

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing holistic counselling services to anyone in need. We serve individuals, families and couples from diverse backgrounds and contexts. We are privileged to walk alongside our clients as they navigate the uncertainties of life. Through our strong relational connection, clients are encouraged and equipped to move forward in healthier ways.


Our Diversity Statement

Our team is dedicated to promoting an environment of respect and appreciation for the race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, age, ancestry, physical/mental ability, status as a veteran, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, gender identity, gender expression, and socioeconomic status of all persons. We are committed to creating and maintaining an atmosphere of openness, trust, and safety where all attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors can be freely explored and discussed. We fully embrace providing high quality services that affirm the dignity, worth and value of all individuals. In doing so, we strive to provide a welcoming environment that is conducive to the intellectual, emotional, and social development of our diverse and unique community.

Our Values

Blue sky team
Blue sky team
What We Prioritize

Our Values


We welcome clients from all walks of life and no matter the circumstance. Our priority is to create a safe and inclusive space where you feel seen and heard. We recognize the immense courage and vulnerability it takes to engage in the therapeutic process.


We accept our clients for who they are and who they want to become. Together, we engage in the messiness of life with curiosity, perspective, and creativity to encourage growth.

Championing Strengths

As one's strengths, talents and capabilities are uncovered, we empower our clients to utilize these aspects to achieve their goals.

Holistic Healing

We seek to understand and honour each client’s unique composition, focusing on all aspects of health, including mental, physical, relational and spiritual wellness.

Message From Our Founder

“Our approach to therapy is centred around client connection. It’s about starting a journey with someone you trust and feeling empowered to take the next step. We honour the uniqueness of each person’s journey and welcome you no matter the circumstance. Through the uncertainties of life, our goal is to provide you with a safe environment that encourages vulnerability, exploration and welcomes healing.”

Stephanie Beck, MACP, CCC

Founder, Clinic Director & Clinical Counsellor

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