Kolby Kehr

Kolby Kehr Blue Sky Wellness Clinic

Kolby Kehr

MACP, RCC (He/Him)
Senior Therapist

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Kolby holds a Master of Counselling from Adler University and a Bachelor of Psychology Hons from Trent University in Ontario. His master’s thesis specialized in investigating factors that perpetuate and sustain long-term romantic relationships. Study Title: Staying Together Over Time: A Study of Individuals in Long Term Romantic Relationships, that has now been published. His main areas of focus includes relationships – pre-martial, martial, divorce counselling – families, attachments, trauma, anxiety, depression and more.

"My aim as a therapist is to bridge any missed connections by attentively listening and empowering my clients through vulnerability and courage. I firmly believe that we are constantly in relation to ourselves, our bodies, and others, presenting an opportunity to nurture love and belonging, thereby enriching our sense of purpose in life. When working with couples, our collaborative focus is on reestablishing emotional and physical intimacy through effective communication, skills, and tools, fostering healing and growth within the relationship. During sessions, I integrate CBT, DBT, somatic and Internal Family Systems (IFS) approaches, along with Gottman Method and intimacy-focused therapy for couples. This holistic framework enables clients to explore various aspects of themselves, offering acceptance and compassion to those parts that feel disconnected. Through holistic healing encompassing mind, body, and soul, I provide a non-judgmental environment to help you realize your authentic self and purpose. My dedication lies in assisting couples and individuals in reigniting these vital connections."

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