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West End Counselling Centre Trauma Counselling

Trauma Counselling in Vancouver 

Have you ever experienced something that has affected you negatively? Do the memories of those experiences generate feelings of anxiety or panic? Do those feelings of anxiety get triggered in moments when you least expect them to?

It can be challenging to identify a life event as a 'trauma', In addition, it can be even more challenging to recall those events and talk through them as it may be a traumatizing experience all over again. If you are feeling alone, those memories are affecting you in negative ways such as impacting your day-to-day activities, we are here to support you.

West End Counselling Centre Trauma Counselling

Working through Trauma

Our counsellors are specialized in trauma counselling and are certified for approaches specific to help you process your trauma and empower you to have the tools and resources to help navigate those triggers. We help you regain control of your life instead of having the trauma controlling you.

We value trust and connecting in the therapeutic relationship between the client and counsellor. This is an essential component in trauma counselling as you need to feel space in order to allow the process of healing to start.

Work with Us

Let us support you in your journey to healing.

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